Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping Fit

In my pursue of healthy living, I have been wanting to join a gymnasium that is quite decent but with BIG name... Hahaha !!! Image purposes lah ni !!! Most of the gyms I knew then were so far away being the nearest in KLCC, yes that Fitness First. But then I thought, why should I join a gym that I have to drive all the way, paying toll, waste my fuel and of course paying for the parking that would cost me a bomb most definitely !!! So, I hold that idea for the longest time I think... Then in between I got to do free exercises like jogging in my neighbourhood or swimming while holidaying. Hubby has been thinking of getting bicycles for both of us, that too has not been materialised since we came back from Mumbai which was in 2007 but he got himself a 1000cc motorbike though early this year... Hmmmm.....

Oh yes... back to the gym story, today for the first time I went to Wangsawalk Mall in Wangsa Maju to check out the place (Mall is overstatement...cos it's only 2 story building shopping complex). Oh yes... I dragged my lil son and my maid along which my original plan was to buy groceries in Cold Storage. Then I saw the gym's promo booth and while trying to locate where I could get 1 brochure for myself I was approached by Adeline, its membership consultant. I told her my baby napping time was due so she better explain to me in a jiffy. Well... after a few minutes of explanation especially the monetary part, I was satisfied then I signed up at last....

Come to think of it, I used to pay RM150.00/month for a twice weekly mat pilates class. So, I thought this is really a better deal since I can use the gym equipment, attend all the classes (if time and body permit) and no restriction on no of days.... I paid RM337.00 when I signed up which include its processing fee and 1st and last month fees of RM238.00. Monthly I only need to pay RM119.00. Good thing about Celebrity Fitness Gym, they provide you towels when u come. So, you don't have to bring 1 from home.... Phew !!! Oh yes... since it's new, they also waived the Joining Fee of RM500.00, which I reckon it is very costly. Exit fee is RM400.00, which is fair enough.

OK now... I must find that motivation to attend the classes or simply getting fit at the gym. Perhaps I need a few new gymwears too !!! Hahaha.... Will check out at Pavilion tomorrow when I go there to pick up my new shoes at Cole Haan... Hehehe. Now I have excuses to buy gymwears ya.... I must look like a celebrity since I am going to a Celebrity Fitness Gym.... What a joke !!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nursing Bra

U know what... I just discovered that JUSCO has varieties of Nursing Bra, so many designs and colors. Wow !!! What is even great about their Bras is the prices which starts from only RM19.00 if I am not mistaken. They are pretty decent looking, good cotton and comfortable to wear. I got one myself last week and have no regret purchasing it. They even have them wired and unwired. I used to get a few from Triumph and Marks & Spencer, Triumph's bra gets loose after a while, at least mine, the gap seems to open up and could be seen if I wear a white tshirt. And my boobs are an average sized boobs of 34 only... Perhaps, I will go and get a few more this week !!!