Thursday, February 10, 2011


I guess I need a wee bit more motivation to regularly updating my blog... Kind of writing a diary that sort when I was very much younger (not that I am very old now...). Hmmm.... dah jadi macam "Days of our Lives" lah pulak ye... Oh no !!!!

Oh yes... got a package from my friend who resides in Notts today... 2 new pairs of M&S jammies !!! Nice... and whenever I bought something new, it keeps me smiling till I fall asleep at night !!! Oh mind u... terus pakai OK !!! Hahaha... macam kanak-kanak !!!

Now I am taking what shall I do with the overflow of toys in this lil house !!! My lil prince has outgrown some of them... Big toys are worth to re-sell but smaller ones, I feel like giving them away... Charity orgs ??? Ish... Maybe ??? No ???

What was the subject again ??? Yeah... motivation. Gimme plenty of that...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have always like nice things.... especially when it comes to bags and shoes. And today, I got to meet another Bagaholic who shares the same passion as me !!! But I am sure there are more out there who refuse to admit that they one as well.... Guilty lah tu !!! Hahaha....

But then again, to me, it's part of your life indulgence lah I would say... U get certain satisfaction by buying a nice looking handbag with a matching pair of shoes !!! For sure, they will make u look good if not presentable !!! Except do not over do it... Of course, indulgence does not reflect pricey though... It will kill u but if u can afford it... why not !!!!