Thursday, February 10, 2011


I guess I need a wee bit more motivation to regularly updating my blog... Kind of writing a diary that sort when I was very much younger (not that I am very old now...). Hmmm.... dah jadi macam "Days of our Lives" lah pulak ye... Oh no !!!!

Oh yes... got a package from my friend who resides in Notts today... 2 new pairs of M&S jammies !!! Nice... and whenever I bought something new, it keeps me smiling till I fall asleep at night !!! Oh mind u... terus pakai OK !!! Hahaha... macam kanak-kanak !!!

Now I am taking what shall I do with the overflow of toys in this lil house !!! My lil prince has outgrown some of them... Big toys are worth to re-sell but smaller ones, I feel like giving them away... Charity orgs ??? Ish... Maybe ??? No ???

What was the subject again ??? Yeah... motivation. Gimme plenty of that...

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