Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Courage Needed

As much as I wanna upload more stuff... I am also a lazy bum these days !!! Patience doesn't seem to be on my side at all. Either that, I am too engrossed with my FB updates and reading friends' updates and post comments !!! Hmmmm...... But then again, I doubt that is the main reason for being plain LAZY !!! I tend to find excuses for everything I do wrongly - lame most of them !!!

With a toddler on tow that needs constant attention, I should reorganise myself !!! My husband told me to de-clutter the whole house and start with our bedroom. Oh yeah I did... I started with drawers and that's about it !!! Hahaha.... I have yet to check the top portion of the built-ins where I put all the handbags... yes, I need a good push to do it. And I do need courage to part with my unused bags too !!! Wait till I put them back in the blog...I should re-list some of them too !!! Like refreshing my listings....

After that I need to organise my lil son's wardrobe... I should put his pre-loved clothes in the blog as BUNDLE sale... That sounds catchy ya ???

Actually, what we should really do, when we buy a shirt for example, we have to take one old shirt out of the closet as replacement. Therefore, the closet will close properly... as in my case, that is hardly being done !!! HELP........

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