Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ahhh..... I still have loads to upload and sell, but yet I am so lazy to do it. Is it me or is it my surroundings ??? My baby should motivate me actually since he's up and about all the time... But I guess I am running out of energy !!!

Perhaps after Raya I will upload more but there would be a lot of baby's stuff actually !!! Look out for Bumble Bee breastfeeding pillow (moonshape pillow), Avent Manual Breast Pump, few baby's clothes etc etc.... there are all pre-loved items which are still in great conditions !!!

My camera was sent to a service centre yesterday at last but they can't promise that I could get it before Raya.... Ah well.... there goes 1st Raya for my baby without a camera !!! However, we still have the handphones or even siblings' cameras !!!

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