Monday, August 24, 2009


I have lived my life to taste "hidup merantau" from the age of 18 cos I was one of the lucky ones to be awarded a scholoarship to study abroad after my SPM. Yes it was tough but it's kind of fun as well when you go down that memory lanes which were full of stories, be it sad and great, so nostalgic.... But then again, nothing actually prepares u for living away from home except yourself... How u blend in with your surroundings and how fast u adapt to its lifestyle.... Ahhh... those fond memories during my Uni days !!!

But then again, it opens your eyes when u get to live in a another country where its population for one state almost equivalent of Malaysia's population. Imagine the city that is so crowded, noisy, dusty etc etc.... Poverty rate is so high, people made pedestrian pathways as their homes.... So sad... but it's the truth and living in Mumbai, India has made me realised that no where in the world could substitute home - MALAYSIA !!! U can take India in a small dose, but too large u may go bonkers !!! Hahaha....

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