Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Maid

My new maid Sri was sent to me Friday Nite by the agent.... My first impression, she's a bit slow but better than the cleverer ones !!! So, I must be very patient dealing with her as to teach her what to do and all.... This is her 1st time in Malaysia after she divorced her husband who went to marry her good friend... Alahai !!! Then, 1st thing I told her, focus, sincere, don't lie and work hard. Not so mean right ???

The next morning I had my long overdue hair and nails appointment... yes, the silver hairs are so visible and my dry ends beyond repair !!! We were off to my usual salon and were there for almost 3 hours !!! My lil son was so cranky but somehow, he is OK with this maid even she's very new in the household. I don't know, maybe babies have better instincts ???

While we were away, my husband became Magnum PI lah at home and went through her things... which nothing much. She came with a small bag that could pass for my toiletries bag !!! Very minimal clothes I can tell ya....

After we were done at the salon, gotta rush home amidst the traffic along MRR2 from Ampang, then off to Tg Karang for an Aqiqah. Of course, by the time we got there what was left is just food. Hahaha.... On the way back, we stopped by at the Fishmarket in Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor. Oh my.... looking at the freshest goods there, u would want to buy them all. Imagine, XL King Prawns were sold at RM43/kilo only. Of course being prawns lover, I grabbed some lah kan.... Bought some fish also that were so shiny and so very fresh.... Now that I have a maid, I can start cooking again daily....

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