Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Maid

Finally, the agent told me that a new maid is coming this Friday.... a sheer relieve but then again I am anxious too.. Anxious in the sense that I hope history doesn't repeat. I am thinking of drafting a KPI for this new maid but then again, she might be overstress with the high expectation I have in mind.... Terus gila pulak nanti. Hahaha.... Siapa yang susah, me again !!!

I guess I can't expect much of this maid right ??? But I have to learn from the previous maid that I can't be too nice and tolerance anymore.... that is just me !!! Simply TOO NICE.... I was brought up that way...and I can't help it !!!

One thing for sure... she can't have her own handphone cos it will be the source of all the problems later, and that was what happened to the previous maid. Then I heard lots of stories as well, these maids sometimes would bring "funny stuff" with them when they are new here... if u know what I meant.... Aiyoh !!!

Anyway, I will take it at my own stride lah with this new maid, at least I could rest a little more... She can take care of Aqil for a while, so Aqil would not fall off the bed again !!! Yes... he fell off our bed of more than 2 ft high for the second time last week. He had his left eye blue black eye pea... can pass for Fergie's back up dancer.... The bruise is still there today but diminishing well. Thank GOD for that.... His 1st fall, I panic like mad, took him to Gleneagles, the MO that assessed Aqil also had his daughter fell off their bed... Oh OK.... doctor's baby also fell off bed !!! I was quite relieved lah then.... Last Monday, within a few seconds, BUMP.... he's on the floor again. This time he cried longer.... Waited till hubby got home from work, then off we went to see our GP only this time... She assessed Aqil thoroughly (FOC tau....), then gave him a clean bill of health... Just watch out for sympthoms like vomitting and passing out.... if any baby or child for that matter had a fall, immediately take him/her to A&E !!!! Don't wait ya....

Me being a new Mommy, there are so many things I have to learn and put to practice at the same time.... but mind u, certain things are definitely based on mommy's instincts !!!! Kelebihan seorang wanita..... Yeay !!!


  1. hi huda, my baby of 7mons also fell off bed TWICE. Once while sleeping beside my hubby while I'm at work! Nasib baik he's OK.(Sigh) Itu lah suamiku...!!Hahaha! Good Luck with d new maid..

  2. Hi..just a piece of advice..when ur maid sampai, n u bawak balik rumah, 1st thg u shud do is to take her bag and check thoroughly.Believe me..I've found tangkal (tali or kain hitam@merah@kuning) or even a powder in a bottle from my previous maid. Just don't take the risk of trying to respect her rights by not checking the bag, n yes it is true..jangan bg muka langsung..nnti maid rajin melawan n menjawab..been there n done that..;)

  3. Gee... thanks for the advice. Keje2 check tu will done by my other half... hehehe... TQ for reading ya....