Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekend in Historic Melaka

Our trip to Melaka was very joyful cos it coincided with my birthday and my good friend son's (Adam) birthday as well. Actually we have been celebrating our birthdays together every year since he's small, now he's 11 already.... how time flies huh !!!

We took the river cruise and discovered fascinating sites of Melaka that I never known before. I must say the State Govt had done very well in sprucing up the river and turned it into a tourist attraction. I do hope they could maintain it though... the cruise isn't expensive at RM10.00 for Adult and RM5.00 for children above 4... The ride was 45 minutes long that took us a total of 9km journey to and fro... Not bad ha.....

A Melaka trip will not be completed without a short journey to Serkam Pantai for its grilled seafood.... Yummy !!! That must be the climax of our trip.....

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