Monday, August 10, 2009


This is Bambam my darling cat !!! It's his 15th birthday today.... Yes people, long life !!! He used to have a partner, Pebbles but she died in 2005 due to lymphoma. Cats do get cancer....

Along the way, they produced few kittens but I didn't keep any.... It takes a lot to keep a pet, not just money but time as well. Bambam used to be neglected cos I don't have time to deal with him as I was equally busy with my lil son. I only manage to feed him in the morning and evening, then clear his litter box. Now I pass that duty to my maid.... Ahhhhh.....

He's a home bound cat.... I am too scared to let him out and mix with the strays (no offence ya stray cats.....) !!! Stray cats carry a lot of germs, be careful when touching them and always wash your hands after that. But I do let Bambam out once in a while within the compound of the house for some fresh air.

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