Thursday, June 11, 2009

More to come

Hi Ladies...

I have 3 pairs of sunnies which I have to upload yet !!! Yes... they are all mine and used a few times. Why ??? Because I normally have a few at one time to match my attire and where I go then.. Hahaha !! And now I decided to sell them off, to have enough money in order to get that TOM FORD's pair. But then again, TF's specs are quite heavy, at least to me, compared to the one that I have now. Believe it or not.... I have ONLY one pair that I put on everywhere I go, it's light and protects my eyes !!!

Why the delay ??? My lil Olympus decided to be OFF MODE and need urgent attention from a camera shop very soon. So, I have to rely on my 3.2mp camera handphone of mine. OK lah... it does the job.

Just wait huh.... n keep visiting !!!

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