Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is a story of an older Mommy of one... If my friends read this, they will laugh.

It's not that I am complaining so much but life has been pretty topsy turvy this past 2 weeks after I sacked my "up to no good" maid of 5 months. My 6 months old lil hero been so clingy on me which resulted not much can be done when he's up and about. What more, he doesn't nap that long to allow me to complete house chores at one go.... collectively this hero of mine only naps for 2 hours je.... Aiyoh !!!

I m kind of very strained n goofed but I manage somehow. I guess women are given that extra strength to multitasking...

Thus, I do apologise to the ladies that emailed me earlier.... only today I managed to reply. Some businesswoman lah me.....

I do have a few more stuff to be uploaded but I just couldn't slot the time... huhuhu

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